Pão de Queijo

Introducing Our Delicious Brazilian Cheese Breads

“Pão de Queijo” is a small cheesebread roll. Originally from the state of Minas Gerais in Southeast Brazil, pão de queijo has become a popular breakfast and snack food all over Brazil.

Known for their crispy crust, soft and chewy crumb, and distinctive cheesy aroma, these cheese breads are the most delectable when hot, right out of the oven. And that's what we strive for here at Café Patoro: serving freshly baked cheese breads all day long.

Brazilian cheese breads can come in many sizes. Ours are small enough so you get the perfect portion of crust and crumb in every bite, yet big enough to last you more than just one bite.

In our attempt to make something good even better, we took the original cheese version and added a variety of seasonings and flavors resulting in delicious combinations like roasted garlic and maple bacon. Please check our menu for our current offering.