About PDQ

Introducing Our Delicious Sweet and Savory Bites

“Pão de Queijo” (aka PDQ) is a small cheese-flavored tapioca roll. It is a popular breakfast and snack food in Brazil. Other South American countries have similar versions of these delicious treat, i.e., chipa (Argentina), pan de yuca  (Ecuador),  pan de bono (Colombia).

Featuring a perfect balance of crispy outside and chewy inside, PDQs are enjoyed and most delectable when hot, right out of the oven. Our PDQs contain no gluten or yeast and are made with premium natural ingredients.

That is why they stay fresh only for a day - but in any case, our PDQ’s would never go more than a few minutes before being devoured!

Our PDQs are approximately 1 oz each – just the perfect size, so that you can try more than one flavor at a time!